Are you ready to have Facebook take over your phone?

facebook-homeFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg revealed on April 4, 2013 that Facebook will be releasing software in the U.S. on April 12, 2013 called “Facebook Home”. Essentially, the Facebook Phone will not be a phone. Facebook has chosen to release it on an HTC first. Personally I would have thought that iPhone would have been given priority but I digress.

Facebook Home automatically launches over the home screen which means that it will have permission to control parts of your phone such as the WiFi connections, the lock screen, and system settings. Seeing as Facebook will be the first thing you see when you look at your phone, the new Graph Search will be people`s primary search engine.

To me this seems like many potential problems such as:

  • Thinking you`re texting a friend or colleague when in fact you`re sending out a message on Facebook. A possible glitch like this could cause confidential information to go viral.
  • A huge potential for Spyware to take over the phone. This means unsecure technology for corporations.
  • Facebook getting my personal information!

As a business this could be potentially alarming. The last thing I want is confidential information being leaked out to the public before it’s ready. Business’ who use HTC phones should invest in a Social Media Monitoring tool. This would give the business a chance to prepare Employee discussion searches and make sure they can keep confidential information confidential.

I can put on Zuckerberg`s shoes (which I`m sure are much too large for me) and understand where he`s coming from. He wants Facebook to be the way people communicate with one another. That`s great, but don`t take over my phone! It seems as though for now it will be downloaded as a separate app. This gives people a potential to make “phantom“ Facebook Home apps which could contain malware. It would be wise for Facebook to invest in Mobile App Monitoring software so that they would be able to protect their brand from others trying to mislead their customers.

Are you ready to have Facebook take over your phone?



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