Mobile App Monitoring tool scans for Malware

malware mobile attacks Even if your company has no plans of entering the mobile market, you need to be on the constant lookout for cybercriminals who wish to use the popularity of your brands for criminal purposes. The mobile market has exploded in recent years and companies have not yet caught up with the security and protection needed to fight back cybercriminal activity. BrandProtect is always committed to providing the latest tools to defend its clients’ reputations. As part of this plan, we have been offering our Mobile App Monitoring service in conjunction with our Identity Theft or Brand Abuse services.

Latest Mobile App Malware

Android users have received their fair share of malware attacks throughout the last year and they have learned to identify those shady apps that may contain infected code. Malware authors; however, are getting more and more sophisticated, piggybacking on the popularity of other brands’ apps to infect unsuspecting Android users. The latest app to carry infected code has been the newest version of the widely popular Angry Birds Game; Angry Birds in Space.

SophosLabs recently discovered malware-infected editions of the popular game which were downloaded from an unofficial Android app store. Sophos has detected the Trojan horse to be Andr/KongFu-L and it uses the GingerBreak exploit to obtain root access to the smartphone and installing infected code. Once inside, cybercriminals can push URLs to be displayed on your browser and can even download further malware into it.

BrandProtect’s Mobile App Monitoring Service provides that peace of mind your company is looking for. Our Incident Response Team has built strong relationships with the main three app providers and this allows us to quickly and effectively take down the offending app. Our Incident Response Manager, Dylan Sachs, informs us that while we have not seen any mobile malware that uses our client’s brands to propagate, “What we do see on a regular basis are apps that are using our client’s logos in their marketing materials or app description, or claiming to ‘work with [insert client name here]’s website’.  Often, the app does not explicitly state they are unaffiliated with our client, which can therefore confuse users into thinking it is a legitimate or client-authorized app, and considering the apps are rarely well-produced, can easily tarnish the user’s impression of the brand.”

Don’t wait until your brand is targeted, take the appropriate steps to protect it and let BrandProtect help you set them in place. The first step you should take is to download our free Mobile App Monitoring InfoSheet.


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