Facebook: First “Timeline”, now “People Talking About” metric added to portfolio

It seems like Facebook will not let brands take a breather, during the last couple of weeks it has released several features that will completely change the way users interact with brands on the social media platform. On a recent post, we discussed the pros and cons of Timelines. We mentioned how information on a user’s “Likes” over time is now readily and easily available – all you need to do is scroll down. Now, Facebook is launching “People Talking About” – a new metric for fan pages.

According to Facebook, “People Talking About” counts stories or structured content that users choose to share. Basically, it will measure every “like”, comment, share, question answered, poll, check in, and any other activity a user initiates. This new metric, along with the number of “Likes” will determine how successful your Fan Page is. Mashable reported that “the idea is that users will understand a Page with a high ‘People talking About’ rating is one that has compelling content’” – attracting new fans just got more challenging. David Baserm Facebook product manager for Page Insights, said on a recent interview that he expects that “over time, marketers and consumers will have expectations (on what that number should look like for brands). A brand’s business objective will help define what the appropriate level is for their page.

Their new metric will look like this:

facebook metric people talking about brand reputation social media monitoring

People Talking About Your Brand

Now here’s the part brands need to pay attention to; sentiment will not be part of the calculation. Comments praising the brand – or trashing it – will all count the same. And so, while “People Talking About” is another great opportunity for brands to further promote their products or services through Facebook (by adding valuable content); it is also a double edge sword that can easily turn against you if left unchecked.  We’ve discussed the importance of protecting your internet reputation before; however, it is vital to highlight that in order to uncover opportunities for meaningful consumer conversations constant SMART monitoring is required. Facebook’s move may be the first or many to come, sentiment and fluent conversation will decide how pleased your fan base is and whether or not you have a chance at reaching beyond them.


What about you?

How are you promoting “Likes” to your fan page? What do you think of the new metric? Let us know in the comment box below



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